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Walking For Lions (2013)


Hard work generally speaking brings results, but what happens when you work so hard to achieve something and discover that your end result is much better than expected? This is how we felt during and after our 2013 Awareness Campaign that was dedicated to the Last Lions of Africa

530 Km Completed on foot. From Outside of Windhoek (Namibia) to Ghanzi (Botswana) we marched on, not as heros, but as soldiers for Lions. Normal people like everybody else in the world that took a stand against Lions Decreasing and determined to make people more aware of what is truly happening to the Last Wild Lions of Africa.

A campaign like this one can only have been achieved with people joining hands, companies showing their support and members of WFL trying their best to donate, share and advertise. So this page is not only dedicated to the Last Lions, but also to all those people that stood by us during the campaign and helped us make a difference. We have YOU to thank for the success.



Saving the last few remaining Lions in Africa seems harder than first expected. The beautiful African sun sets on yet another day in Africa, and it makes us wonder, how many Lions were in trouble this day. Our walk began with extreme pace and laughter but soon after the first 100 km we realised that this task will be harder than ever. Our aim was and still is to create as much awareness of the massive decrease of Lions in Africa. Some days we started wondering if our walk will accomplish this.

Do people actually know what is truly happening with their Lions of Africa? And if they do, do they care as much as we do or just ignore it.


So many questions travelled through our minds but our determination and love these magnificent beasts is what pulled all of us over the finish line. Our journey taught us so many things about live, people and most importantly how badly we need each other even more now than ever to save Lions. Once we travelled through the borders of Botswana on foot, we met up with some inspiring people along the way. One group were walking with a wooden cross across the certain areas of Namibia to bless the country, others were travelling from Egypt to Cape Town on their bicycles (young and old) and then we met this young man on his bike, cycling to nowhere. He decided that he wanted to embrace life, use up as much of his youth as possible and just cycle through Africa searching for nothing but possibly everything.


It truly is astonishing to see the power of the mind with people. Most people are so scared to move out of the comfort zones and just enjoy what we have left. Others truly underestimate themselves so much that they feel they will never be able to do anything. Our journey has taught us that you can do whatever you want to do and your body is only as strong as your mind. We were joined by various other organisations (Cheetah Conservation Botswana & Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks) during the last few days of our walk and campaign. This truly helped us forget about the things that hurt us, such as blisters, muscle pains etc. As we joined forces, one could actually feel the strength within the team get stronger and stronger, very similar to that of a pride of Lions. Sharing stories at night around a campfire truly made this journey so worth it.


To hear how other people, especially Locals talk about conservation and the issues at hand is something that makes one relieved due to the fact that you realised that not all is lost once you see their passion, commitment and drive. Once we finished the walk of over 530 km from Windhoek Namibia to Ghanzi Botswana we were welcomed by the Ghanzi Chief and various other supporters of the walk. It was a great feeling and so many people ask us how we feel afterwards. So how can we describe this? You would think that the words would just flow out like honey but our hearts are actually sore. We are happy that we have achieved this but our hearts feel pain as we feel that we have not done nearly enough to help the Lions of Africa.


Not nearly enough to make people truly see. Sometimes we would like people to use our eyes to see the Lions of Africa. There truly is nothing funny about conservation these days, as it is only getting closer and closer to the end, unless we as a new generations accept our mistakes, and those made by our forefathers and build on a better future.


Sometimes you wish you could just grab all the people in the world by their heads and show them what is truly happing to Lions and the world for that matter. The only way forward for conservation will be when people leave issues that are truly not that important and join hands for Lions, for Conservation. If we do not let go of unnecessary shackles holding us back, we will never show our future generations the Lions roaming the plains, nor the Mighty Elephant swimming across islands, or the majestic Rhino. We thank you all for your time and we hope to join hands with you shortly. Walking for Lions