Light/Siren Combo VS Lions

We are pleased to announce that at this point in time, NO lion has breached the light/siren combination installed on three kraals. It was reported to us two days ago that a big male and a female chased a dog at night from the bush to the herd boy’s kraal. They showed us where the lion hit his breaks and one can clearly see how fast this lion was going after the dog.

The male could not get the dog so decided to go after the cattle resting inside the kraal at night but according to the farmer and herd boy, the male lion ran VERY quickly once the light and siren went off at around 01:00 am on Monday. Afterward, the male and female decided to visit another kraal, which is, situated approximately 1 kilometer further on. This kraal also has lights and sirens on and the same thing occurred. This farmer said the male walked around the kraal at a save distance and eventually decided to take a closer look to which he met the light and siren all at once. He disappeared quickly and did not return.

This is fantastic news and we hope other organization that works with conflict cats could look into this method. Now it is extremely important that you should know that a lion has ten different ways of how it has opportunities to kill livestock. We use the number ten as there are so many opportunities for these cats to attack so by eliminating one of them, it increases tolerance of the farmer and decreases just one option at a time for the lions to prey on livestock.

We have seen lion break through the barrier of the lights on their own but so far no lion has breached the light/siren combo; as of yet. At the end of the day, very little will stop a lion from killing livestock if they are hungry or have young. Lions are a clever species and adapt much faster than humans in many circumstances. We as humans have to adapt with them and change when they change and this takes research, time and patience. The next few months will be extremely vital to our work because when the rains come down, the little natural prey will disperse and in turn makes finding and hunting of them extremely difficult for lions.

Several of our lion prides studied have just finished mating, which means they will hopefully give birth to cubs in three months. This means more mouths to feed and high aggression levels from the females as they have young to protect now. We will drive and drive and drive a LOT, visit most of our famers twice a week (as distance between them is a challenge on its own) and hopefully we can get through these next few months with almost no loss of predator.


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