Farmers for Lions

Several months ago during our first fundraiser held in South Africa, we spoke of a few new ideas and concepts that we would like to do that would assist the local farmers. One of the many ideas or should one rather say initiatives is to show local farmers appreciation from the outside world. Give them a reason not to shoot or poison a lion and to involve people from around the world to contribute physically.

So a few months ago (yes we have kept this one quiet ☺) we received a call from the guys at Wild and Free Foundation. They like our concept and wanted to assist us with a donation. Now this donation is a bit different. It basically works as follows: Some farmers we work with only own a few cattle. They live close to each other and share the pastoral grounds. Their cattle posts are small and well protected (most of the time) against lions and they do struggle to get going with a larger herd.

The Government of Botswana does compensate for predation on livestock but even so, we wanted to help the farmers by showing our appreciation. Local people want to know the value of a lion and how better than to show them the value of a cow or bull. Wild and Free foundation came to visit us and also made a small documentary where they were the first people to purchase a bull from another farmer and handed it over to our local farmers.

We asked the farmers before hand what they wanted and they asked us to purchase a bull that will bring in new genetics and also impregnate their cows. Five different farmers share the bull so all of them can use the bull in a responsible and respectable manner to assist with their growth. Bulls generally are more expensive and one bull can mount several cows per season, which will increase the farmer/s herd/s.

So we would like to introduce to you, Rohan the Bull (named by Wild and Free) Rohan is doing very well with the other cattle since we moved him and we wanted to wait first and see how he progresses before making any announcements. Currently he has already impregnated several cows, which makes the farmers extremely happy. When they are happy, we are happy. It shows them that people outside care, understand their situation and offer to help in a way that THEY need.

Special thanks goes out to Wild and Free foundation, you guys are amazing and we appreciate your support.

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